Hazing Defined

Hazing is any intentional or unintentional, knowing or reckless act, public stunts and buffoonery, morally degrading activities which are not consistent with academic achievement, directed against a student(s) by one person acting alone or by more than one person, occurring on or off university premises that would endangers the mental or physical health or safety of a student for the purpose of pledging or associating with, being initiated into, affiliating with, holding office in, seeking and/or maintaining membership in any organization whose membership consists of students.

Consent and/or acquiescence by a student(s) subjected to hazing is NOT a reasonable defense in a disciplinary proceeding.

Types of Hazing

The University of New Mexico recognizes that there are three forms of hazing based on the level of degree:

  • Subtle Hazing

    • Behaviors that emphasize a power imbalance between a student(s) by one person acting alone or by more than one person and other members of an organization/team either recognized or unrecognized. Termed “Subtle Hazing” because these types of hazing are often taken-for-granted or accepted as “harmless” or meaningless. Subtle Hazing typically involves activities or attitudes that breach reasonable standards of mutual respect and place a new student(s) on the receiving end of ridicule, embarrassment, and/or humiliation tactics. (Some types of Subtle Hazing may also be considered Harassment Hazing).
  • Harassment Hazing

    • Behaviors that cause emotional anguish or physical discomfort and are conducted to promote a feeling of group belonging. Harassment hazing confuses, frustrates, and causes undue stress/or new members/rookies. (Some types of harassment hazing can also be considered violent hazing).
  • Violent Hazing

    • Behaviors that have the potential to cause physical and/or emotional, or psychological harm.

UNM Policies & Sanctions:

The University of New Mexico's Hazing policy, which applies to the main campus and all branch campuses and educational centers, prohibits hazing activities associated with acceptance, advancement, membership, or continued good standing in formal or informal student groups, clubs, or athletic teams. A person who is the victim of hazing incident committed by a UNM student or a visitor to the University is encouraged to report it.

In addition to UNM Policy, the University of New Mexico Athletics Department prohibits hazing of any kind and has a zero-tolerance policy for any such activities. Student Athletes who violate this policy are subject to, but not limited to, departmental and/or University probation, prohibition from participating in practice or competition, suspension from the team and/or the University and expulsion from the team and/or the University. In addition, the team may be subject to group discipline that may include team probation, cancellation of individual contests, and/or cancellation of the entire season.


UNM Policies and Procedures


Relevant Excerpt from Student Grievance Procedure


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